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Our Commitments

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Our Comittments

Scientific expertise drives outstanding innovations across industries. Our in-depth, industry specific knowledge is the cornerstone of our business. In cooperation with leading universities, we address the most current challenges of the society through interdisciplinary research, and share it with researchers, government officials and business communities.

In partnership with with world’s leading universities and research centers we performed international research projects and published our results in scientific journals. Our research projects involved several industry sectors, focusing on following topics:

  • Competency-based learning and development methodologies and their ICT implications within the automotive industry
  • Lean-office initiatives within the HR organization of a global company
  • Continuous process improvement initiatives and regional synergies
  • Competency development strategies in global shared services centers of consumer goods companies
  • Crisis communication: a case study
  • Migration of a global shared services center from Europe to South East Asia: intercultural and change management implications
  • Structural changes within the HR organization of a global FMCG: implications for local operations
  • Corporate entrepreneurship and innovations: best practices and lessons for the energy industry
  • Organizational development trends: culture of empowerment and change initiatives within the energy industry
  • Regulatory changes and market trends: implications for technology development projects
  • Mergers and acquisition opportunities and regional synergies of a leading European energy company
  • Growth strategies within the ESCO market segment
  • Digital strategies in the banking sector
  • International product development strategies and regional synergies
  • Mobile payments: technology challenges and pricing considerations
  • Management implications of venture capital and private equity portfolio companies
  • Agile development methodologies within a global shared services center of a commercial bank
  • ICT challenges of cash related logistics
  • Balanced Scorecard induced change management strategies at a leading commercial bank
  • Management challenges within the microfinancing sector
  • Retail sales and marketing development opportunities at a commercial bank
  • Knowledge transfer in medical informatics: efficiency, quality and measurability
  • Doctor-patient knowledge transfer: innovative technologies and policy implications
  • The impact of creative organizational climate on the innovation activity of medical devices manufacturing firms
  • Change management strategies in hospitals
  • Change management trends in the global pharmaceutical industry
  • Business process reengineering perspectives in hospitals
  • Pricing strategies for oncology products - change drivers and management challenges
  • Leadership challenges in health maintenance services organizations
  • EU’s health information strategy: reports on health and the economic situation in the EU
  • EU’s health information strategy: reports to identify best practices in tobacco control to reduce health inequalities
  • EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative: national technology platform in drug safety, efficacy, nanotechnology, regulatory affairs and public health
  • Drivers of innovation within the European health care industry
  • Innovation management in Central and Eastern Europe: technology perspectives and EU policy implications
  • Performance management models and systems in public sector: major trends and consequences to national economies
  • On-line learning and development strategies within the public sector
  • Tacit knowledge integration into public servant training programs
  • Efficiency and quality metrics in public sector training and development initiatives
  • Knowledge management systems and knowledge content portfolios for public sector
  • Research and development, human resource development and infrastructure development strategies of leading universities
  • The role of social entrepreneurs in national economies; performance measurement in social entrepreneurship
  • Organizational changes and management challenges induced by new operational security requirements and trends for integration of European TSOs
  • Knowledge management strategies to support operational security requirements of transmission system operators of electricity
  • Operational risk management and business continuity planning methodologies of TSOs
  • Tacit knowledge integration and knowledge sharing methodologies within DSOs
  • Transformation of DSOs to learning organizations and management challenges
  • Efficiency metrics in DSO training and development programs


We share our innovative approach in education and knowledge management with students, but they also inspire us. Our students receive research-led teaching from our international experts. At the heart of this are always our most innovative technologies and business-driven objectives. We are actively engaged in strengthening the dialogue between schools and businesses.

Our internship programs provide both challenging tasks and active mentoring opportunities for BSc, MSc and MBA students. We always custom-tailor our internship programs to the individual needs of our interns and the expectations of partner universities.


We usually offer internship programs within following areas:

  • Change Management and Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Business Development and Strategy
  • International Marketing and Communication
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Human Resources Management
  • ICT Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Development

We are involved within lifelong learning and professional community building initiatives of leading universities and alumni organizations. We proactively support global and local alumni projects of London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as community building and knowledge sharing initiatives of British alumni within Central and Eastern Europe.


We have developed, and currently operate and maintain two knowledge-sharing portals:

Creativity and aesthetics provide valuable impulses for our business, our clients and the society as a whole. That is why we actively support contemporary art. We engage in promoting young, talented artists who embrace innovative approaches in their work. We also offer them exhibition opportunities within our offices.


We cooperate with university staff and students of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design while planning our exhibitions.


We have recently launched our Innovation in Art Exhibition Series. The Innovation in Art initiative support young talents exhibiting their work, and also aims to stimulate inspiring dialogues between corporate managers and contemporary visual artists in the spirit of innovation and creativity.


Kitti Gosztola, nominee of the prestigious Essl Art Award, was the first artist to exhibit her Labours of the Months cycle at Innotica Group's Budapest offices. The medieval Book of Hours inspired the artist. The cycle contains 12 paintings, each representing typical landscapes of each month. The paintings address several conventional themes of history of art, integrating kitschy landscape elements with a great sense of humor. The exhibition was also special because of the wide variety of technical solutions and innovative approaches, used by the artist.