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Software Security

To develop secure software is no longer desirable, but absolutely essential. With the increasing number of SaaS and web-based applications, to assess and ensure security of the data has become a major concern for customers ranging from early stage companies to large multinational enterprises.


Despite the common misconception main security threats arise not from networking layers and operating systems, but from applications themselves. With 10 years of expertise in IT security and secure software development we help our customers to create state-of-the-art secure applications, assess and significantly increase security level of the existing software and applications.

We put special emphasis on the process of customer data protection while in transit or when stored in the database without additional hassle to the end user. Significant benefits can result from implementing the appropriate IT security measures, including:

  • Visibility and control of information security risks, cross-organizational compliance risks and core business performance risks
  • Timely, risk-adjusted decision making in response to changing business dynamics is made possible
  • Improved certainty of business results by establishing a consistent and disciplined process for managing risk
  • Access to more relevant information with controls that confirm risks are within acceptable parameters