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Learning Management

Our innovative learning management technologies help our customers to proactively seal all skill gaps, so they can better drive business results and reduce the risk of non-compliance, litigation, and lost business reputation. 


Our technologies allow customers to easily tailor powerful learning and development initiatives to their specific needs, without compromising on capabilities.


Key benefits of our innovative learning management technologies include:

  • Focused, personalized, and flexible technology to develop talent, to bridge competency and skill gaps, assess employees against competency requirements, and deliver targeted knowledge.  
  • Scheduling, managing, and tracking of instructor-led training/classroom training, e-learning, and blended learning approaches.
  • Strategic learning functions: compliance management, content development and management, and collaboration.
  • In-depth visibility for administrators through unified dashboards and workflows, along with an open architecture that lets customers easily leverage existing processes or customize as needed.
  • High flexibility in ICT developments or system integrations based on the current businesses demands.