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Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management technologies allow customers to share information on-line or on Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, increasing overall business performance, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.


Our technologies can be deployed to customer service staff, internal intranet users, external customers and partners. They are able to access vital knowledge quickly and easily through a simple to use multi-language interface.  Our innovative technologies help to identify and fill knowledge gaps.

Our knowledge management competencies include:

  • Application integration.
  • Categorization, taxonomy and multifaceted navigation.
  • Workflow development and deployment.
  • Governance and procedures.
  • Massive content preparation and conversion.


Knowledge is the lifeblood of an organization. Our accurate and speedy knowledge retrieval services are essential to ensure profitability, customer satisfaction and business efficiency.