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Knowledge Gap Assessment

Our knowledge gap assessment technologies are unique tools that track all learning and development, as well as knowledge management programs and produce a variety of reports. 


Customers can keep on top of their staffs’ skill gaps, training providers, performance, satisfaction of program participants, budgets and schedules with up-to-the-minute automated charts and reports.



Our knowledge gap assessment technologies will also save time in data entry and maintain the accuracy of data through its extensive use of dropdown lists. We designed our tools to make the visualization of skill gaps and organizational development strategies easy — to make it possible for average workers and managers, who are not graphic artists, to quickly create professional-looking charts and diagrams. 


By providing ready-made templates and built-in collections of graphics, our technologies allow users to simply "stamp" elements or use automatic graphics to create perfect-looking charts in minutes that are all based on the databases of corporate training programs and training assessments.